Eurasia – possible prospects.


Now we notice end of surprising process of transformation of the USA from planet "gendarme" into the main world revolutionary power which are carrying out an active policy of export of revolution.

From the point of view of short-sighted ‘a real policy’, actions of the American administration are difficult for explanation. During several ‘velvet revolutions’ she has removed quite loyal to it predicted nomenclature leaders of the East Europe. Milosevic now testifies in Hague, Kuchma and Shevardnadze do not touch, but him is not less insulting.

Once intelligentsia like Shevardnadze. He boasted repeatedly as dexterously it, during the stay of Minister for USSR Foreign Affairs and, cooperating with daddy Bush, has disorganized the second superstate (a little exaggerating, however, his merits). And here – have not estimated, have exchanged on Saakashvili. Just as quite loyal Kuchma who has entered the Ukrainian military contingent to Iraq – on Yuschenko, promising it to deduce.

Nonlinear logic of the American brain trusts is not understand for post soviet "elite", with its ideology of a belly really. And in fact it is possible to not accept a policy of the USA, but to refuse it in scope and boldness it is difficult.

Among advisers of republicans in America we see not old cozy conservatives such as Patrick Buchanan, and aggressive neocons, many of which during a time of the sixtieth were fond Trotskyism and it of ‘permanent revolution’.

The American government started the big game from their submission on creation of controlled chaos in Eurasia. For, on the certain concurrence of historical circumstances, all geopolitics competitors of the USA – the European Community, the World of an Islam and China are there.

Inspiring «velvet revolutions», America hopes to create huge crater in which it competitors will fall. For such great purpose, it is not a pity to offer and a quantity of vassals.

Yugoslavia, Georgia, Ukraine… All it is obviously not enough for createn continental chaos. Iran and Russia are key countries in this process.

Probably, we become witnesses of the anti Iranian action soon. The Islamic Republic Iran for a long time already carries out moderate enough policy. To tell the truth, among heads of the country there is a fraction, ready to give fight to America. Understanding, that in the military attitude him to not resist against the USA, they count on guerrilla actions for which expansion here there are more opportunities, than in Iraq (traditional Persian strategy which the country successfully enough used against Rome and Ottoman empire). On their plan, the American occupational contingent will start to sustain huge losses then it will be left. Fundamentalists will return to authority with triumph, at the same time having liquidation of reformatory wing.

However American government has got it trumps. First, in the West influential Iranian emigration (more authoritative, than its Iraq analogue) exists, which USA can entrust management of Iran.

In the second, Iran is the multinational state in which Persians make hardly more half of population. Other part is Turkish. Among them - fifteen millions the Azerbaijanis enough rich and enterprising, but deprived of enterprising, political authority which was supervised by Persians strongly always.

So, Americans if will begin the anti Iran action, will lead her, more likely, on Afghani, instead of to the Iraq sample.

But the key role in ‘creation of chaos from the world’ is allocated to our distressful fatherland. Apparently, Russia as the subject keeping the rests of the Soviet sovereignty, the verdict is already signed. With it many actually agree talented analytics of completely various political views. Our management has agreed to the American control over the Russian nuclear objects or not, basic value has no. And arrest of Adamov, former minister of nuclear power, in Average Russia is constructed by whose diligence a huge burial ground for nuclear waste products of the countries of Europe it confirms.

On basic plans of the Washington strategists, ‘velvet revolution’ with the subsequent decomposition of the country will interrupt delivery energy for the powerful German industry. In conditions of increasing economic problems to authority in Germany there can come the right radicals that will call into question attitudes of the country with France. And the sheaf "Germany-France", as is known, is the locomotive of the European Community.

USA controls Near-Eastern oil already. They can put also corresponding impacts on power resources own forces, or forces of it strategic ally.

In the long term America has an opportunity to try to export ‘velvet revolution’ to China.


The global elite, standing up for backs of public politicians and bureaucrats of the European Community (and also senators and congressmen Demparty the USA) easy traces an event. Among its members the opinion prevails, that America will stick in the Euroasian chaos. And it is rather useful for prospects of globalization. Therefore, globalisty Superelites are tactical allies of administration of Bush in business of export of revolutions in what we and have made sure by the example of Ukraine.


Alex Fantalov.


The man and the woman.