The man and the woman.


When I spoke about merits of a patriarchal society meant at all only men. Actually, achievements of this mankind history epoch were based on fragile female shoulders in many respects. Constants childbirths, a heavy family life, social restrictions alas, in many respects they suffered.

To the point, in situation of small productivity it would be difficult for women to survive without men. All the same, to plough by means of bulls it would be difficult for her.

To the point, in normal societies the women (unlikely from men) were spared during wars. As well as peasants who did not pay the tax in blood usually. Certainly, there were also deviations to take even mobilization of peasants in Russia (from Peter I epoch). However, the nobility has received on merits.

But we shall return to "women's issue".

M. Gimbutas, in the "The Civilization of the goddess", speaks about agrarian Neolithic civilization of Europe worshipping the Goddess. The given matriarchal civilisation in which the peace, creative beginning prospered, was destroyed with arrival from the East Europe representatives of culture of fighting axes - soldiers on chariots. (Gimbutas M. The civilization of the goddess: The world of Old Europe. - San Francisko: Harper, 1991. - 529 p.). Similar reasonings go in a channel of modern feminism - rough, malicious men have turned into slavery of peaceful and intellectual women. What was a society of the Great Goddess, we do not know.

A. Holan, in the work "Myth and symbol" (which it will be considered below), approved, that opposite, Neolithic religion was the terrible phenomenon and the Goddess horrified (that partly proves to be true from similar Middle East cults). That together when the Indo-European captures Central and Western Europe (that has approximately coincided there with the beginning of a Bronze Age) here their came new religious representations are unconditional only. The main thing from them the priority of the man's beginning above female, which has lost the space scale, was, being located henceforth only as elements of the earth. Thus Indo-European representations have influenced fair influence of the previous cultures, is especial in iconographic sphere.

I suppose (if this theory is true, certainly), the most sad destiny according to this violent change of cultures waited not women of The society of the Goddess. Women have been distributed between Indo-European winners, have given birth to new children, and have got attached to her new husbands. As for their old submissive men

And here, in modern Europe (and in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand) many principles of feminism have triumphed. I shall not analyze here the reason of the phenomenon (it is a special theme). We shall accept it as a reality.

And it is valid wars here are completely stopped (short of archaic Yugoslavia). People are afraid of death very strongly (and live also). A cult of sterility reigns in society whether it is sterility of European-quality repair, epilating, deodorants, muffling a natural human smell.

There is Scandinavia. According to statistics, girls begin here a sexual life before young men, and keep much more confidently. There is Germany. According to some information, a level of man's hormones in the modern German in some times lower, than in the German of first half of century (for accuracy of the data, certainly, it is impossible to warrant, but that is lower undoubtedly).

And to be born children almost have ceased. Sex is declared almost by meaning of the life (at least it is declared so, actually sense here money and comfort). Thus sex almost is completely separated from childbirths (for what purpose, actually and exists).

And knowingly in all the advanced countries (and not only in distressful Russia) process of reduction of pensions begins. For, even if in Europe people also have accumulation, that, under Marx's art remark: the capital is a vampire who comes to life only when alive work is poured in it.

Here also it is necessary to import manpower. The USA from Latin America, France from the Arabian world, Germany from Turkey, England from Pakistan and India. From those countries where there are normal human attitudes between floors. Someone should support illusive existence of the Europeans who have grown fond dolce vita.

Similar process was in days of Roman Empire when men and women were fond of defect. All this has ended with depopulation ancient Romans, and Italics. The population of modern Italy will consist of descendants of the slaves taken from all Mediterranean, Syrians (the first Christians!) in cities, and Germans in Lombardy.

This is quite fair final of defective descendants Romulus. For, under a mask of "cheerfulness", at them the inclination has triumphed over death.

And as for female role. The woman is ocean, chaos. The man is the creative beginning, an eidos (Plato's "idea" was a masculine gender as much we lose in process of translation!) which takes root into female irrational elements and organizes her. They organically supplement each other. Well and here equality or inequality?

And, if the tendency has gone in a direction of simple equalizing the man's and female rights the society would look differently. Ladies would carry an overalls, worked level with men on building, would move cross ties and so forth. But there would be also women scientists, painters, etc. (as in the Soviet literature).

But in fact there is no either that, or another! Just female sexuality is erected in a cult. And this is aggressive sexuality. Also men, baldejushchie from pop images she vampires, whores, and sexual kitties are guilty in it. And these men believe fondly, that, being betraid masochism will deserve eternal female gratitude.

And this is test for men durability. And when it will be found out, that test is failed, women will change slaves for misters (as will be choose).


Alex Fantalov.


John Ronald Reuel Tolkien and geopolitics.