"Wow! ", or once again about privatization.


"Voucher" (voucher is «the receipt, the voucher, the guarantee").



The majority of Russians remember investment pyramid MMM largest in Russia and its founder Mavrodi (or heard about it). The most interesting, that, probably, this person was not the swindler and really was going to return to investors of their money with promised enormous percent.

How? There is privatization passed and state property has gone from a hammer «at residual cost». Hence, MMM pick up big money on those times, could participate actively in process and turn into the largest Russian business-structure.

Mavrodi was mathematician and he has counted all. But he understood nothing for socio-cultural processes. And the communist nomenclature of USSR has created the privatization not in order to chunks of the property have got to natives of bottoms (mum Mavrodi – the teacher, the daddy – the worker of cement works). Therefore the usual mechanism of liquidation has been started.

In mass-media messages on forthcoming audit MMM began to appear. After this message were denied, and then appeared again. There was this audit. The frightened investors have run to receive the money back (with percent).

Clearly, that thus it is possible to make bankrupt any bank (if it does not possess the right of monetary issue J). Money is in a revolution, also will quickly return them it is impossible! And the business-structure appears insolvent as has not fulfilled the promises. Examples nest numbers.

Hardly later we had «check investment funds» (to not confuse with present Russian «share investment funds»). They were created for accumulation of the vouchers given to the population («on account of its share in Soviet riches»). The idea was, certainly, witty.

Really, if these funds were not, the Russians would incur the voucher directly on the works, and at once would find out, that it costs not «two autos» (as it was promised), and – know that …

And so person has brought it in any “the First voucher fund”, "Majestic fund" and so forth, and year-other hoped for something. And then, he has tired and has forgotten about it.

Our family, for example, has enclosed vouchers in Petersburg «General investment fund» and Moscow "Alpha-capital".

When, half-year later, I have gone to take an interest in promised dividends, in savings bank have declared, that «the assembly of shareholders» (!) has decided «to direct means for long-term development of fund». I, certainly, on what especially did not hope, and here and in general all became clear.

But, nevertheless, true to my habit to finish business, I have gone in some more months to the specified address. "General" there did not appear, but its new address has been left. Has passed there – about it anybody and did not hear. There is on a house wall the inscription left by someone from grateful visitors flaunted with a number: «you are swindlers!».

As for "Alpha-capital" that situation was still ridicule. My relative, similarly having lost their trace, has passed to corresponding branch "State Property Committee" and there with it have so hotly sympathized, that the woman left touched and moved.

It is curious, that, as against independent employer such as Mavrodi, these funds were headed by the ranking officers who were carrying out ‘the task of a party». And, when they have executed it, easy went for other work – who «in authority’, who in business-structures. That against someone criminal case on charge in swindle has been begun, I did not hear.

And the TV, in its favorite manner, has explained to investors, that they "have spent on drink" the vouchers. And the journalists advertising these funds, also have promoted (much even have entrusted messages own "reality and author-shows").

The advantage of vouchers for "elite" has left double. First, year at the population illusion kept, that Yeltsin with his comrades, cares of it (not that «this opposite Supreme Soviet USSR»).

In the second, under covering of vouchers original privatization has passed. These years there were all present large conditions in Russia which are looked in "Forbs" so beautifully. But their owners – not couple Mavrodi, they representatives of the noble Communist surnames.


Alex Fantalov.


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